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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  January 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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tuesday. riders take over south florida streets for the second year in a row pulling dangerous stunts and causing major traffic backups. and new details surrounding the deputy-iolved shooting in palm beach county. why officials need a review board now. and a florida pest control company facing federal charges after a boy suffers brain damage from pesticides they@used. good morning, everybody. i'm eric harryman. >> and i'm sheli muniz.
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you want to put on the space heater and your heater as well. >> probably a firsts for a lot of people in southth florida. ryan, probably some extra blankets being thrown on the bed as well. a cool start this morning. no doubt about it. o temperatures are parallel to where they were at this point yesterday and we're still falling. our temperatures will dial back between 50 and55 this morning. we could be a little cooler at this point were it not for the cloud cover-up above. 56, very balanced conditions across the two-county area. but temperatures still falling. it's a nice, brisk northwest wind coming right down the peninsula bringing in the cooler, dryer air. here's the cloud cover. eric spoke of blankets on the bed. we have a blanket in the sky with the cloud deck still in place keeping the temperatures from really getting out of hand. the bottom line is, the coolest morning is what we're headed for that we have seen so far this season. visibility just fine. all the clouds are way up above. chill in the air, temperatures right around 52. of course, keep in mind the kids ing back to school this
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workweek. and we'll certainly n%ed a layer or two at the bus stop. we're not going to warm up again this afternoon with temperatures only at 67. warmer days ahead. we'll talk about that in my complete forecast. it's 4:32, kelly is off, joe, are there four wheelers on the road this morning? let's hope not, not this early. still nice and quiet. we have a couple situations. we had one that was causing a bit of a problem. the full closure from overnight work on the palmetto. look at the area near northwest 54th street. traffic is getting by northbound and southbound. they have wrapped it up on the overnight road work there and highway 26 has reopened. we'll go farther to@ northwest 36th street, it's quiet. looks pretty good with all lanes open on the northbound and southbound. we have a crash just reported. looking at cammas, the dolphin westbound at 12th avenue. so far not big delays from that. that's traffic, back to you.
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new details this morning in the wild road that caused chaos in the streets of south florida. for the second year in a row, bikers ripped through the streets and highways disregarding traffic lights and pulling some dangerous stunts. some of those motorcycles were towed by police and this morning riders are looking to get tpeir wheels back. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is live outside the impound lot where police took some of the motorcycles out there. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, we're here outside the lot where a lot of these bikes, these atvs were taken yesterday. throughout the night there have been at least a few miami officers saying this is for security reasons. as we do expect this morning, some of the riirs will come to try to pick up their bikes confiscated yesterday. in the meantime, while we wait for that and hopefully get to talk to the riders, we do want to show you neemugshots of the arrests made yesterday. this is an arrest made out of hollywood. and hollywood police tweeted,
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there making arrests and taking bikes. this is one of the people arrested according to police, komari gardner. he's facing several charges this morning. they were dispatched to a gas station where a lot of the bikes gathered. when they got there, they started to look if the bikes were registere that was a jump-off point to begin the next step in confiscating the bikes if not. we are told, in this case with able to figure out he didn't have a license plate on his vehicle, they asked for his license, he didn't have one. investigators then realized that this bike was actually stolen out of miami gardens. so again, he was arrested. as you have some video of other arrests that happened in the next piece of video, that's out of miami garden. so talk about a wild ride. we watched this and this is something law enforcement expected.
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based on intelligence and the work of detectives they knew this was going to happen, but the task force decided to handle this. as of last year, they would not be chasing folks. so that led to quite a bit of frustration amongst drivers who just wanted officers to go out there and stop them. officers were taking the approach if we are able to stop them safely, then we'll take the proper channels in checking licenses and registration to see if the vehicle was stolen and then move forward to possibly make arrests. so back out here live, a lot of frustration this morning with quite a few bikes at the lot. we are working to see how many bikes were confiscated. there were a few injuries. in the next half hour at 5:00 a.m. we'll bring you updates on folks sent to the hospital and their condition. for now, live in miami, michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> we'll talk to you again at 5:00. also a quick programming note for you u is morning, ellen degeneres' interview with elton
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right now on or using the nbc 6 news and weather app if you downloaded that. we interrupted yesterday's episode of ellen to bring you coverage of the bikers that mihael was just telling you about. four people are waking up in jail after a police chase in the area of hialeah drive and east 10th avenue last night. the chase ended in the warehouse area where two men and two women were arrested. the group may have been involved in an attempted robbery earlier in the area. and this i i what we know about palm beach's commissioner priscilla taylor. she says people are upset over deputy-involved shootings. henry bennett was shot and killed during a traffic stop. bennett took off running after
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bennett pointed a gun at the deputy and that's when he fired hitting him twice. the officer right now is on leave. this morning an update on the case of a young boy poisoned by pesticides. suddenly pest control has been charged with two federal crimes. documents say sunland failed to have two people trained in, quote, use of restricted pesticides and failed to clear the home with a calibrated detection device. they also claim that sunland lied about the type of pesticide that was used in the palm city home last august. of course, you remember that made this 10-year-old very sick eventually leading to brain damage. so far the company has not commented on those charges. all right. outside we go, this is a live look from one of the first-alert cameras looking over downtown miami. we talked about it this morning, this is the coolest morning so far this winter season. ryan, looks like it wi be another cool day, right below that 70-mark for this afternoon? >> this will be the second day in a row where we fail to hit 70 degrees, which is a simple
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by the way, the average high is 76. we are nowhere close to that today. what we have is a blanket of cloud cover-up above preventing us from cooling off in a rapid fashion. it's been a gradual fall in the temperatures. here's where they stand at 4:38. we are at 56 in oakland park and ft. lauderdale and miami. these are the dew point temperatures in the 30s. that doesn't happen very often in south florida. the air is very dry. take away the blanket, the temperatures could be in the lower 50s right now. as it stands, we are still falling. a mix of sun and clouds, 52 for the morning drive. make sure the kids have an extra layer or two on at the bus stop. we'll look at the bus stop forecast in a moment. 61 at 11:00 a.m. there's the high today, 67 degrees. a cool day ahead with warmer weather in the cards for us. we'll talk aout that in the extended forecast in a bit.
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hey, joe. all right. we apologize for that. we'll get joe brennan back asap and he'll have a quick update on your commute because it is back to work and back to school for a lot of people after a three-day wewekend. and bombshell announcement during award season. controversy surrounding the oscars has big hollywood names saying we're not going this year. and we are getting a much closer look at the damage left behind after tornadoes, two of them ripped through the sarasota area.
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we are following breaking news overnights, 11 people are dead after a terror attack in pakistan. a suicide bomber hit a crowded
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outskirts of the city of peshawar. security forces are fighting several groups of islamic militants there. another 21 people were injured in the blast and we're fearing among those who are dead, four police officers, two children and a journalist. that's a local there. the taliban has claimed responsibility for this attack. and your time right now is 4:42 on this tuesday morning. the oscars are supposed to be a time where you detach a little bit, have fun, it's all about the movies and escaping a little bit, but unfortunately there's a growing controversy right now that is growing and rocking hollywood. >> there's been some frustration that you have probably heard over the past couple of days over the lack of diversity in the oscar nominations. now some of the movie industry's biggest names are boycotting the awards. >> morgan bradford has more from l.a. >> reporter: with the oscars just a few weeks away, the buzz isn't about who is nominating but rather how isn't.
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for a lead or supporting role. this has happened for the second year in a row with the #oscarssowhite trending. jada pinkett smith is boycotting the ceremony. >> is it time that people k kw that color influences mass that we no longer are invited anywhere. >> reporter: spike lee sys he won't be attending either and says hollywood studi says the really battle is in the executive offices where the gate keepers decide what gets made and what gets finished. the academy president says they aree working hard to be more inclusive. >> we're working hard and trying to ring in more inclusion. >> reporter: still critics say "stight out of compton" distributed by universal got
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the films writers who are white. the film's producer expresses the frustration of many, it's hard, i get it. >> we'll continue to see more people boycotting e oscars. if not a complete boycott, they are definitely going to voice their opinion. >> reporter: which for hollywood mayust be the tip of the morgan radford, nbc news, los angeles. >> keep it here. the "today" show has a full report on the oscar boycott controvovsy rocking tinseltown right now. that's happening today at 7:00 right after the nbc 6 newscast. and back here in florida, people in sarasota, quite a few people are recovering from the aftermath of the ef-2 tornado that hit on sunday. that tornado ripped through that town very early on sunday morning, associate of in the overnight hours, ripping the roofs off the houses right there. and for the couple who died there in duet and kids taken to the hospital, a gofundme page has been started to help them
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medical expenses for the costs. so far they have raised $18,000 so far. coming up at 5:00, erika glover gives us a better idea of what the cleanup process is looking like this morning. pull out your sweaters this morning, south florida is getting a taste of winter this week. tourists and locals bundled up in sweaters, coats and scarves and all to stay warm during the lower mperatures. some restaurants are hopefully using space heaters the keep their clients warm. and although some are happy to experience some cooler ch. >> every year we have the cold weather, but this is not my favorite. i came from new york. >> miami stopped in their tracks make it sweater weather. certainly no bikini weather for
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gear. i've never seen anything like it, no, it happens every season. we have a few days on thcool side. not record-breaking at all but quite a change from the very rm winter we've had so far. another dry day for you in your first-alert forecast. live first-alert doppler, the only live radar on the air here in south florida. we do have rain chances to talk about at the end of the week. in the meantime, we're doing what we can to get through the cool pattern. again, i'll caution you as you get up ely preparing for your day, this is what we're going to find at the bus stop for the kids. they have such a great habit of running out the door and doing their own thing. make sure you double check them least. 50 to 55 across the area. beaches. a little cooler inland. sunrise at 7:09. even when the sun comes up, we'll immediately take the chill out of the air. visibility here just fine, but see this layer of clouds up above here.
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first-alert camera looking back do ft. lauderdale, visibility down below just fine. but with the clouds up above holding temperatures in check. we have a cool north/northwest breeze at 10 to 15 miles per hour. here are current readings into the mid-50s. parallel to were we were on monday morning. but our temperatures are still falling. so we will prepare for the lower 50s at least to start our day. a weak cold front just dying here across northeast florida. here's our main drive, our high pressure settling in. and with the north wind through the southeast and right down the peninsula we bring in the below average temperatures for a few days. nothing like they have been seeing with the sub zero readings across the northern plains into the great lakes. we are 9 at cleveland. 1 in chicago. nothing like that coming our way, but we do have the potential for a winter storm to blow up late week for the southeast, midatlantic and northeast. for us, in the meantime, we are
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down through the great lakes and through the southeastern states. we ve temperatures below average again today. not even getting close to the 70s. we'll see a cool start to our morning, generally into the lower 50s. it will take time to warm up. even before the lunch hour we are at 61. 61 at that point is our average low at this point in january. up to only 67 today, partly cloudy skies. another cool night tonight with lows at 55 or so. then we move through the next few days a what do we end up with? a gradual improvement, 67 today. 70 tomorrow. then 74 on thursday. our transitional day, it's friday with some shower chances. we'll talk about that coming up in about 20 minutes or so. right now 4:48, we'll check on traffic with joe brennan. joe? uneventable on the roadways so far this morning. looks great on i-95 this morning with a shot from northwest 79th street. no issues northbound or southbound. everything is open again on the palmetto expressway again with the overnight road work
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and we've got one crash on the dodophin westbound near 12th avenue just past that point. the left lane is seeing no delays from it. and we have good news the rest of the way on 95 into broward county. and no headaches at all. that's traffic, back to you. iraqi forces scrambling to find three missing americans. iraqi troops perfrfming house-to-house searches in the baghdadeighborhood where they were reportedly kidnapped over the neighborhood. the iraqi governmnmt intelligence official says the americans were kidnapped from the home of their sbrerinterpretor. the u.s. embassy has not confirmed them but said three have gone missing. the marines are missing this morning after two helicopters collided. we are learning that unwith of
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was from ft. myers. each helicopter was carrying six marines before the collision happened during a routine mission last thursday. a een light was pointed at one of the helicopters and that caused the collision. rescue crews have widened the area of their search but they have not found anything so far. they say this is due to large swells at sea and low visibility. and getting ready to take on the denver broncos in the nfc championship. aaron hernandez gets ready for court today. he's accused of killing two men in 2012 after an encounter at a boston nightclub. the former florida gator pleaded not guilty. last year the tight end was convicted of the murder of his friend, oden lloyd, and sentenced to life inprison. also in court today, a hearing in texas that determined if the case against the affluenza teen, ethan couch, move up. members of the national advocacy
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driving want couch's case to move to adult court to make sure his probation extends past his 19th birthday. couch has been making national headlines for using a a affluenza defense after killing four people in a drunk driving accident in 2014. several cubans have finished their journey to reach the united states. and all of it was circumvented through central america. a small group landed in mexico over the weekend and then crossed over through the border city of hidalgo, texas. they are just the first group to allow thousands of stranded migrants to move into the united states from costa rica. a lot have been stuck since mid-november since nicaragua shut down their borders. they are happy to be here with the right to asylum here in the united states. and police in new york city have a hate crime on their hands. a man from bangladesh living in the bronx was attacked when
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adam kuperstein reports his attackers shouted the words "isis" repeatly during the assault. >> reporter: speaking through a translator, he says those are the words he heard before he was attacked in front of this school in the bronx. the suspects kicked him to the ground, threw jabs to his face, severely bruising his eye and forced him to go to the hospital. the hateful attack happened friday just as he picked up his 7-year-old niece from school, who could do nothing but watch her uncle defenseless. >> i was bleed inging and it didn't stop throughout the night. she said she never wants to go to school. >> reporter: the community has
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many are saying this kind of attack will not be tolerated. >> people have to feel free to walk as they want, practice whatever faith they want and not feel a violent assault. >> i have been living in the bronx for 30 years and never experienced anything like that. he doesn't know anything about isis. from ehind? >> reporter: adam kuperstein, nbc 5 news. >> that's awful. his niece was not injured in this. the attackers are still out there this morning. and a dozen protesters closing down the bay bridge in san francisco, it's the bridge that connects san francisco to oakland. the black lives matter group appeared to chain-link their cars together stopping traffic altogether for a couple miles. and traffic there already not a good thing. eventually, police and utility workers arrived to cut the chains, tow the cars away. the protesters demanded taking money away from policing and investing it in affordable housing instead. also they are calling for the
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officers involved in recent ootings. still ahead, this story is awesome. becoming iron man. here's a story of a boy fighting a disease with the help of his superhero. it will make your day. and coming up at 5:00 this morning, sole survivor. we'll show you how one man is nursing a baby owl back to health after storms destroyed its home. cool north wind coming right into south florida bringing temperatures into the mid-50s. and they are still falling. oakland park currently at 56. we're also at 56 in ft. partly cloudy. on our way into the upper 50s to lower 60s before the lunch hour. today's high, only 67.
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we'll we are back, welcome back. it is 4:56. we are back for a story that just about anybody young or old who could ever imagine themselves fighting the good
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superhero, if you have thought about that or have kids to think about it, you'll get this story in a new way. >> this little boy shared a page with one of the world's mightiest heroes. >> hi, everybody! >> caller: like most 5-year-olds, max loves comic books about superheroes doing battle. >> yes! >> reporter: max is fighting his own battle against hemophilia, a disorder that prevents hiss blood from clotting. it was scary when he needed surgery and a port in his chest for the medicine. but his d god the idea. >> you're going to get a metal disc in your chest like iron man. and his response, i'll never forget it for the rest of my life, i get to be iron man? >> that's okay. >> yeah, it is. >> reporter: that's how he
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he and his big sister zoe had a good idea to help kids like max and raised more than $7500 for children's hospital of philadelphia. >> i want one day for there to be a cure for hemophilia. so i thought, let's raise money so that can happen. >> reporter: when marvel comics heard about it, they wrote a new story about max and his battle with hemophilia. how proud are you to be in the iron man comic book? >> proud. i was prettyy proud. proud. >> it was finally great to see, it's not a negative, you have hemophilia, so what? it doesn't have to be treatmented every other day or wear a helmet five years of your life. all that stuff is what max has to go through, but now he gets to be a superhero and that's the coolest thing. >> great, thank you, pal. appreciate it. >> reporter: as marvel said,
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they couldn't help but put max in their's. >> not just pretty proud, ppud. >> that just makes your heart so full. you know what? the apple doesn't fall far from the tree because his family, you see him, he so fantastic. his entire family, for his sister to take up the cause and his father to explain to him in that way, they are a great family. >> kudos to momm and dad doing something right. fantastic. nbc 6 news starting at 5:00 is right now. one person is waking up behind bars this morning following the massive ride out on the streets of south florida. and a family grateful after a couple good samaritans help save their family pet from a fierce fire. and uth florida deals with cooler temperatures. we have been talking about that with ryan. otr parts of the state are trying to clean up after severe storms devastated parts of sarasota. a good morning to you.
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i'm eric harryman.
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